Prison Break - Saison 3

Yesterday :

Our IT engineer : "An Dong I need your passport"
Wam : "?"
IT : "To make a copy"
Wam : "??"
IT : "Yes Qian Feng need a copy of your passport"
Wam : "???"
IT : "I don't know why"

Today :

Qian Feng : "An Dong I forgot to tell you that yesterday some policemen came here to check your passport, where you live and so on"
Wam : "and ????????"
QF : "Don't worry, you know that these policemen are my friends"

[..my -wrong- visa is still valid for one month..]

2 commentaires:

sam a dit…

Ils ont vraiment que ça à faire !

Krapax a dit…

En même temps je suis connu .. http://www.krapax.com/2007/03/you-broke-law.html